glue sniffin' beats

by bsidebeats

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Glue Sniffin' Beats" is a free, open source, mini album of synthbass & drum grooves from Felix Deluxe.

This is the album so far. It will be 7 parts in total.

This music has been made with the intention that you should feel free to build on it, remix it, rhyme over it, write songs on top of it, mash it up in any way you like.

Ignore the "all rights reserved". This music is released under the Creative Commons Sampling+1.0 license which allows you to use these recordings for anything you want except advertising.

Enjoy and share.


released 01 June 2011

Recording method:

The beats were programmed in Reason, largely constructed from live drum hits and loops I played and recorded on a crappy old kit, and run in loop mode through some hardware effects and a mixing desk. I used the hotkeys on the computer to switch between patterns in Reason, change resolution between double and half time, mute and unmute various drum parts etc. Hardware effects - mainly echoes - were mixed in real time via the desk with the result being a live virtual drum machine jam complete with effects and changes lasting about 30 minutes.

This track was then played back and the synth bass recorded along with it in real time. Korg Poly61.

The two tracks (drums and synth bass) were then edited for conciseness and flow, and wherever possible the relative position of the two parts was kept intact to retain the original vibe as played.



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